Bolt Armour: your first line of defence against corrosion. 

Bolt Armour provides solutions against corrosion and mechanical damage to industrial bolts and fastenings in multiple heavy industrial applications across harsh and remote environments.

Key Markets


Power Generation




Civil Engineering

We work with end users, such as LNG and O&G plant operators as well as EPCs, OEMs and companies involved in the bolting and tensioning installation and maintenance industries.

Armoured bolts are used in refineries, petrochemical plants, LNG plants, offshore platforms, steel structures, roads, heat exchangers, wind turbines, power plants and cable cars. 

Bolt Armour® solutions dramatically improve the corrosion resistance of bolts and fasteners especially when exposed to harsh and high-corrosive environments. Tailored to the needs of the context, project and environment, amour can be produced with anodising for aluminium caps, fluoropolymercoating on carbon steel and zinc plated carbon steel. 

Our rugged products are adapted to harsh environments, such as:  

  • Sea and coastal environments
  • Extreme temperatures 
  • High-altitude environments
  • Impactful operations, such as sand-blasting

About Us

We are a team of expert professionals with a solid background in the Oil & Gas industry. We have successfully developed tailor-made solutions for fasteners and sealing applications with satisfied customers all over the world.

Our expertise lies in corrosion prevention for critical bolted joints, flanged connections and structural anchoring systems. 

We can assist you with technical support for any demanding application where bolted connections need to be protected from corrosion and damage. 

  • Research and Development

  • Quality Manufacturing

  • Applied engineering

  • After-Sales Support

Why Bolt Armour

  • for rugged environments

  • for the long-term

  • for high-torque and mechanical stressors

Prevents corrosion and heat damage

to bolts, nuts and threads.

Protects from mechanical damage

securing fasteners, flanges and bolting systems.

Easy to install, easy to remove

increasing speed of preventative and shutdown maintenance.

Improves long-term asset integrity

in remote and harsh environments.

Improves safety outcomes

avoiding destructive disassembly risks.


Armoured bolts are quietly acting as a first line of defence in critical infrastructure across the world.

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