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1 Principle: 100 Applications

Bolt Armour is about protecting mission-critical assets for the long-term. 
From that simple principle we have developed solutions for leading industries across the globe. 

Civil Infrastructure

High Dip Galvanising (HDG) coating is the industry benchmark for anchor bolts on global transport infrastructure. Studies have consistently demonstrated that this solution is insufficient to protect bolts against corrosion, from factors such as weather and winter salting. The resulting severe damage to anchoring system integrity represents an unmitigated safety risk and a major maintenance cost to highway authorities around the world. The Italian Highway authority recently piloted the armoured bolt solution, combined with a corrosion inhibiting grease, which has already begin to deliver major benefits in maintenance cost reduction. 

High-Impact Operations

Bolt Armour carbon steel and zinc-coated carbon steel caps are suitable for applications where high temperatures are expected or when a more robust and heavier protector cap is needed. Bolt Armour solutions are suitable for operations with high ambient temperatures, corrosive atmospheres and abrasive activities, such as sand-blasting, such as refineries, petrochemical and LNG plants, chemical plants, heat exchangers. 

Coastal and Offshore Projects

Salt air and high moisture content corrode metal causing it to slowly but consistently deteriorate. Metal bolts and fasteners in coastal and offshore sites lose structural integrity over time from exposure to ocean air. As oxygen, salt and sodium chloride corrode the metal airborne bacteria from the ocean magnify the effect causing irreversible damage. With Bolt Armour protection, bolts and fasteners are not in direct contact with the elements. The resulting benefits are increased structural integrity as well as increased ease of maintenance as bolts can be removed without destruction. 

Cable-Cars and other High-Altitude Plant

At altitude metals are subject to both temperature extremes and additional UV exposure. For cable-cars, ski-lifts and other high altitude applications protection of anchoring system against extreme conditions (UV, rain, snow, wind) is critical. In addition, getting equipment to site and performing maintenance in these environments can be difficult. Metal caps reduce the exposure of bolts and fastening systems significantly increasing the ease of preventative maintenance and repairs.

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