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BoltArmour® produces a line of metallic caps designed to prevent corrosion and damage on all types of industrial bolts. Our industry experts provide advice and solution design to ensure that standard and custom products are perfectly adapted to the use-cases and environments of our clients.

BoltArmour® caps are strong and resistant to extremes of temperature, abrasive and corrosive environments and designed for long time horizons.

Our Core Product Lines


Standard and Custom Options

  • Aluminium
  • Carbon steel
  • Zinc-plated carbon steel
  • Stainless steel (304/316)
  • Fluoropolymer or epoxy coatings and painted options are available and recommended for specific environmental conditions.


BoltArmour® BA T-PRO caps are designed to protect the exposed bolt threads.


BoltArmour® BA F-PRO caps are designed to protect both the exposed bolt threads and the nut.

More Information

We can supply you with detailed product information, suitable for inclusion in subcontract documentation and project proposals as well as full details about our corrosion prevention solutions. For a digital copy of our brochure, please enter your preferred email address here.

Widespread Problem

Corrosion (especially SCC and crevice corrosion) affects a majority of carbon and low alloy steel bolts and nuts. In harsh environments, this rate rises to impact almost all fasteners. Conventional solutions either mandate the use of costly stainless steel fasteners or individual coating.

Alternatives are Ineffective

Despite the cost these solutions only offer partial protection. The combination of tensile stress and corrosive environments can crack stainless steel; coatings degrade due to wear-and-tear particularly where regular maintenance acts as a mechanical stressor.

Time and Money

Every rusted bolt represents a cost and safety risk. Unfastening may be complicated (or even impossible) and destructive disassembly contributes to slow downs in preventative maintenance and shutdown operations.

The Bolt Armour Solution

Bolt Armour® caps are the solution to preserve the integrity of your bolted connections! Bolt Armour will protect your bolts and nuts against damage and corrosion and transform their service life. Easy to install and remove, they are available in materials tailor-made for each use, sector and environment.

Stock on Hand

Our manufacturing facilities are able to meet large orders to the construction schedules of our clients. In addition, we carry substantial stock to ensure that mid-sized orders can be delivered within just a few working days.

Case Study: Civil Infrastructure

During winter service, vehicles and snow removal trucks are in action to spread salt along the road to prevent ice formation.

Most traffic signals on bypass roads and highways are connected to concrete by anchor bolts that are often HDG (hot dip galvanized coated). When winter vehicles work, snow is thrown towards the side of the roads and so is salt. Unprotected anchor bolts and nuts are submerged.

Salt is chloride and it dramatically accelerates corrosion, especially when the snow starts to melt. HDG proved not to be enough to protect the bolts against corrosion, and most of the bolt threads were severely damaged.

Bolt Armour's solution was to protect all bolts and nuts with BA F-PRO ALU. Prior to installation, corrosion inhibitor grease was generously and evenly applied to the bolts, further preserving them from corrosion.

Inspection after 1 year later showed no signs of corrosion.

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